English Summer Camp 2018

The background

As tourism and commerce grew in the capital and many of the provinces, many new jobs were created, especially in the service industry.  Young people are trying to learn English to improve their career prospect for a better future.

In our Tutorial Scholarship Program, we have twelve G12 students who would graduate after the public exams; they would either enter university or join the workforce. Most of them, as with many other high school students, have poor English language skills. In May we initiated the idea of inviting young adults in Hong Kong to volunteer their time and bring their skills to teach in a summer English program for underprivileged high school students for three weeks in August.  With the help of PFDO, we organized an English Summer Camp from August 3-24 for 30 high school students, from G7-12.  There were seven volunteers from Hong Kong who came to Kampong Cham to support this program.


The Camp

Students and Teacher volunteers bonded immediately after the Orientation program on August 3. Laughter broke the silence as teachers engaged everyone in games and songs. Before the students left for the day, they were calling the teachers by their names, and saying ‘bye and see you.’ They were a group of fast-learners.


Practising the song they performed after two weeks

Practising the song
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The Phnom Penh Trip

At the end of the second week of the camp, the group of G 7-11 students put together a musical performance and taught the songs to the children at the two learning centers run by the Daughters of Charity in Phnom Penh.